GA FIRST Symposium

Question. Which presentations should my attend at the symposium? 

If you don’t already know, GA FIRST, in partnership with the Georgia Tech Robotjackets, is hosting its very first symposium this Saturday. The symposium will contain presentations about wide-ranging topics that include everything from social media management to robot strategy. These talks will be given by individuals, teams, and GA FIRST representatives who have extensive knowledge in their respective areas and are extremely well suited to answer your questions. 

For more information about the event, please click here. 

However, with over 27 presentations happening throughout the day, it’s kind of hard to narrow these down. As such, we’ve taken the liberty of choosing our 5 most promising seminars.

Leading FIRST Leaders - 9 AM - Mike Shearin, GA FIRST Planning Committee

Most great leaders know that you don’t need a title to be a leader. In their own way, everyone can be a leader and help their team and program achieve success, regardless of if it’s on or off the field. 

Mike Shearin will speak about what it takes to lead in FIRST and what you can do to lead your team to victory. 

Communications for Effective Fundraising: What donors and how to give it to them. - 10 AM -  Karen Judd, GA FIRST Planning Committee

It’s a part of reality that an FIRST teams need money to operate, and money usually comes from sponsors, big and small. In order to make sure you can continue to operate in FIRST, you need to make sure that you constantly working on and improving your relationship with your sponsors. 

Karen Judd will speak about managing the sponsor relationship. 

How I Became an Engineer - 11 AM - Panel of GA FIRST Board Members

It’s always really fascinating to hear how people got to where they are now. In this session, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from real engineers about how they got interested in engineering and their story. 

Money Ball - 2 PM - Kyle Fender (GA FIRST Advisory Council)

Scouting is a critical part of every team’s competition. Even if your team doesn’t scout, you can bet that other teams are doing all they can to get to know your team and its performance a little better. With that being said, scouting always plays a critical role in a successful competitive run. 

Kyle Fender will walk you and your teams through the basics of scouting, what your team should be doing to scout, and an example using FRC 1648’s 2014 scouting system. 

Strategic Decision Making in FRC - 3 PM - Kellen Hill (GA FIRST Planning Comittee)

In FRC, strategy can make or break your season; so much so that some teams seal their fate before even designing their first part. Strategy isn’t just critical during an event; it plays a key role in how your team designs, prototypes, and eventually builds your robot. 

Kellen Hill, mentor of 1746, will walk through the basics of strategy and how to pick the best strategy for your team.