PCH Power Poll Results

We would like to get started by thanking everyone who voted in our very first PCH Power Rankings Poll, which was created as a fun little way to get people involved and maybe even get a little hyped for the 2017 FRC season. As such, we were glad to see that everybody from hardcore students and mentors to parents and volunteers took the time to make some quality submissions. 

Before we get to the results, we would like to make a few housekeeping points:
- Any submissions that were obviously against the rules were discarded. 
- The team’s point total was calculated based on the rankings in the submissions. A first place vote received 10 points, a second place received 9 points, all the way down to a 10th place vote receiving 1 point. Summing each team’s points across all the submissions gives us the team’s total.

Without further ado, the top 10 rankings are as follows: 
1. 1746 - Otto - 324 points
2. 1261 - Robolions - 279 points
3. 2415 - Wiredcats - 256 points
4. 2974 - Walton - 223 points
5. 4188 - Columbus Space Program - 214 points
6. 1648 - G3 Robotics - 199 points
7. 4468 - Fernbank Links - 194 points
8. 5332 - Toaster Tech - 74 points
9. 4910 - East Cobb - 63 points
10. 1771 - Electric Phoenixes- 38 points

Despite this poll basically devolving into a popularity contest, we believe this open power ranking has done a pretty job in capturing the competitive ranking of our district.

Based off the poll results, we can see three, very healthy tiers forming in the group. The top tier (1746, 1261, 2415) represents accomplished, powerful teams who know how to deliver results week in and week out. The middle tier (2974, 4188, 1648, 4468) is a cohort of teams which delivery strong performances and consistently seek to challenge the top tier. The growth tier (5332, 4910, 1771) is a small group of teams that made their way into the limelight last season and are going to have people’s attention right from the get-go. 

Due to the competitive nature of the poll, we were not surprised to see that many people had voted their own teams as best in the district. However, many other people submitted an entirely objective list, which meant putting other teams in first place. So, that naturally raised a question, “If people didn’t vote for their teams in first place; who did they vote for?” The answer to that question is below: 
1746 - 10 first place votes
1261 - 3 first place votes
4188 - 2 first place votes
4468 - 2 first place votes
2415 - 1 first place vote

Overall, we really enjoyed conducting this poll and seeing what different people thought of different teams around our district. While we were a little worried about conducting the poll openly (i.e. everyone can vote), we were pleasantly surprised by how good and true these rankings actually turned out to be. 

If you want to see the raw rankings data (no raw votes; just how many votes a team received), you can see the spreadsheet here

And if you enjoyed this little activity, we plan to hosting similar polls and posting similar rankings during the 2017 FRC season. While we’re still working on finalizing the details, make sure you go like us on Facebook to get information as soon as it’s ready.