17 PCH District Teams Will Go to Worlds in 2017

Question. I heard 17 teams from the PCH District will qualify for Champs. What impact will this have on our district?

It’s true. Based on estimates from FIRST HQ, the Peachtree District will send an estimated 17 teams to the Houston World Championship.

The increase in spots is a direct result of FIRST choosing to host two championships for the 2017 season, one in St. Louis and one in Houston. For the 2017 season, 17 PCH District teams will get to represent our state at the international level and even maybe even appear on Einstein. However, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s digest this announcement.

What does this mean for the PCH District?

On the surface, it’s pretty simple, our district will send 17 FRC teams, 5 more than last year, to the world championships. However, if you look a little deeper, you’ll see two immediate benefits.

First, the PCH District will be sending 17 teams to the world championships, more than we’ve ever sent before. Ultimately, this gives our district more exposure on the world stage and a better chance of even getting onto Einstein.

Secondly, 5 more teams will get the chance to take an amazing trip to worlds. They’ll get the chance to rub bumpers with the best of them and come with an amazing, inspirational experience.

 Crowd at the 2015 World Championship

Crowd at the 2015 World Championship

Which teams would’ve been able to go last year?

    This is an good point of analysis. Assuming that we had 17 slots last year and the championship qualifications remained the same (see following point), the following five teams would have qualified for worlds: 5132 - RoboClovers, 4516 - Hyperion, 5632 - Asimovians, 5608 - Lassiter, and 5536 - Titans.

How will the spots be allocated?

 Members of FRC Team 1311 After Winning the Chairmans Award

Members of FRC Team 1311 After Winning the Chairmans Award

    Now, this is an interesting point to consider. Remember that Georgia FIRST will have some flexibility with respect to how they can hand out awards and how they can divvy up the slots.

    Specifically, we’re talking about the Engineering Inspiration Award and the Chairmans Award. FIRST HQ imposes a limit on the number of each of the aforementioned awards that GA FIRST can hand out. Last year, the limit was 2 EI awards and 1 Chairmans award, but with the increased number of teams going to worlds, those numbers could possibly change.

    The number of EIs could go up, but what’s really exciting is the potential for there to be two State Championship Chairman’s Award winners for the PCH District next year. While we’re not in any position to officially confirm that, just the idea of two teams carrying the Chairmans torch into worlds is extremely exciting.