Why you should go to the MAC Meeting

Question. What is the MAC? Should my coaches/mentors/teachers attend?

 The KSU Engineering Technology Center

The KSU Engineering Technology Center

The Mentor Advisory Council, or MAC, is a yearly gathering of FRC and FTC coaches and mentors from teams in Georgia. Hosted by Georgia FIRST and Kennesaw State University, the purpose of the MAC is to bring together mentors and coaches to discuss best practices for your team. You also get to hear directly from Georgia FIRST leadership about any updates for the upcoming season along with details about the event calendar for competition season.

This year, the MAC meeting on September 17th and starts at 8:30 AM. More details from Georgia FIRST can be found here:  Georgia FIRST MAC

Starting with a light breakfast, that also serves as an opportunity to network with fellow leaders of Georgia teams, the day moves into a presentation from GA FIRST, which provides helpful updates about the state, the district, and many other topics of note. The day wraps up with an open discussion for attendees to learn from others. This discussion typically includes tips on fundraising, recruiting, and other topics such as how to best structure your team. To best address team needs, Georgia FIRST is also seeking input from teams on what they would like to discuss at the MAC. Topics should be sent in by September 10th, so be sure to submit any ideas to Ed Barker (edbarker@kellrobotics.org) as soon as you can.

There are many things teams can work on throughout the offseason to get ready for a quickly approaching competition season. Participating in this conversation is one of the best ways to learn from others so that you might improve your own program. Networking with other teams from around the state also helps to build a strong FIRST community in Georgia.

Finally, any teachers, mentors, or coaches that plan to attend need to RSVP by September 10th. Please email Connie Haynes (chaynes@gafirst.org) to RSVP.