Connecting with Other Teams

During the season, teams have two options when it comes to sharing information and asking for help.

The first option is complete isolation; where your team will not talk, share, or communicate with the outside world. In practice, this is easier said than done, but the point remains that, for one reason or another, you’re trying to do this all on your own. 

The second, and more popular, option is to share information and ask for help. Now, it’s up to your team to decide exactly how much you want to share, but the PCH community is open and helpful when it comes to asking for help. 

To help our teams get more connected and find the resources they need, we’ve compiled a small list of “places” where people can go to get connected. 

Chief Delphi - Districts Discussions
Chief Delphi is a very popular forum for teams across FIRST, and it’s frequented by people who have been around FIRST since its inception. Chief Delphi plays host to discussions that range all the way from season strategy to specific threads about local events.

Additionally, the PCH district has a bit of a presence on the forums, where people discuss the season, upcoming events, and much more. There is already a thread for the PCH 2017 season, and the event-specific threads will pop up in the district discussions area. 

Click here to go to Chief Delphi.
Click here for the PCH 2017 thread.
Click here for the districts discussion area.

Facebook - FRC Georgia Alliance
The FRC Georgia Alliance was created with the explicit purpose of connecting different teams from the PCH district. As such, this Facebook group is a great place to ask your questions, arrange meet ups, or even share some of your more exciting designs. 

Please note that this is a Facebook group, you’ll have to ask permission to join. 

Click here to visit the Facebook group. 

Slack - PCH Mentor Roundtable
For those aren’t familiar with the current trend, chat apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Discord allow teams and communities to have discussions in topic-based channels. For example, all discussion about your team’s website may end up in the ‘website’ channel. 

To piggyback off this trend, we have created a slack for mentors around the PCH district to connect and communicate with each other. We hope that mentors can use this space to connect with each other, share findings and insights, ask for guidance and help, and maybe sync up for in-person practices.

The PCH Mentor Roundtable requires a direct invite. Please email Kellen Hill ( with a list of full names and email addresses of the mentors you would like in the slack.

Discord - PCH FRC
Very similar to the mentor roundtable, some folks on G3 Robotics have started a discord (similar to slack) server for the sole purpose of connecting everyone (students and mentors) throughout the PCH district. They’ve even gone ahead and set up the discord with rooms for discussions about kickoff, design, and programming, among others. 

Click here to join the PCH FRC discord.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our own little platform. PCHQA was founded with the core charter of helping teams by answering their questions. 

For the past few months, we’ve been writing fun blog posts and tips, but if you have a question about a design, or the season, or want to see a post about a specific topic, feel free to drop us a question. 

Click here to submit a question.