4 Things You Can Do to Get Into Eliminations

Welcome to the 2017 FRC season! We’re just as excited as all of you to playing FIRST Steamworks this year. However, while everyone is analyzing and breaking down the game, we’ve gone ahead done a very basic analysis for one goal; helping your team get into eliminations. 

It doesn’t matter if your team is a rookie, a veteran, has low resources, or a ton of resources, if you follow the 4 tips below, we can almost guarantee that your team will be making it into eliminations. 

Use the Kit-Of-Parts Drivetrain
If we had a dollar for every time we saw a team try a new, fancy chassis and just fail to execute, we’d have enough money to buy a new KOP chassis!

The KOP chassis was designed by a team of engineers to be modular for your designs, be competitive in the game, and be easy to easy to build and program. With that being said, the kitbot only takes a few hours to assemble and a few more hours to wire up and program. All-in-all, you can have the KOP chassis running at the end of week 1!

Ultimately, having a drivetrain assembled early in the season means that your team can working on developing mechanism for scoring game pieces, developing autonomous modes, and practicing, all of which will play a critical role in getting into eliminations.

Cross the Baseline in Autonomous - 5 Points
Many teams come to competition with very little autonomous testing done and many more come to competition without a simple autonomous. Alliances of all strengths are looking for teams that have consistent autonomous modes that can help during eliminations, and while a 5 point boost may not seem like much, every point matters.  

So if you’re following this article, chances are that you’ve decided to use the kitbot. After you get your kit assembled and wired up, give your programmers a chance to write and test an autonomous routines that drives forward and crosses the baseline. This simple action will net you 5 easy points and put you on the list for nearly any eliminations alliance. 

Retrieve and Score Gears in Teleoperator Mode
In our analysis, it’s evident that scoring gears provides a lot of benefits and bonuses. In teleop, just scoring a couple of gears can get you 40 points for turning the rotors. Furthermore, if your alliance manages to score enough gears, it’s a cool 1 RP during qualifications and an whopping 100 points during eliminations. 

Scoring gears is going to be essential for any alliance hoping to go far in the playoffs, and if your team can manipulate gears, you’ll definitely be playing in the elimination rounds. 

Practice, Practice, Practice
Last, but not least, you should practice. While it may not seem like much, the difference between a fresh driver and a well practiced driver is like night and day. As such, you should take every chance you can to get your driver(s) some practice. 

Waiting for the intake to be done? Practice. Programmers taking the day off? Practice. Have a couple hours of unbag time available? Practice. 

Practice is the secret sauce for a lot of powerhouse teams, and if you spend some time seriously practicing, other teams will surely notice.

As always, we’re here to answer your questions. So if you have any questions about strategy, design, or anything else you can think of, don’t hesitate to submit your questions here